Custom Automobile Upholstery

We pride ourselves in being an auto upholstery “Guru”. We have served many a customer with repairs to seats to reupholstering their entire automobile interior. We do seats – any size, door panels, headliners, sun visors, console tops, carpeting, floor mats, trunk mats. You name it, we can probably meet your needs. The more custom you want your interior, the more we like it. We can create anything within reason.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Seats – any style
  • Embroidery – many designs
  • Door panels
  • Headliners
  • Trunk Liners
  • Custom floormats
  • Carpet
  • Seat repair

We have completed many muscle/hot rod car interiors from 50’s to current. Any automobile can be re-upholstered by us. We are not picky.

We have a wide selection of high quality vinyl and leather and foam for you to choose from. No job is too big or too small. We can also embroider any design you wish for your new auto interior. We have a few pictures you might want to view with these awesome designs. We have done flags for a Corvette, horses for a Mustang, and words for a Camaro, not to mention an American Eagle which turned out awesome. You too can have an original interior with these types of designs. We can also give you any color you choose. You can go as wild and wacky as you want. We love to do custom auto interiors. We love the challenge.

We also offer the best customer service around. We do not keep your vehicle for months on end. We will schedule you a time slot and stick to it. This means a lot to our customers and have gotten many compliments regarding staying within this timeframe. A couple of seats might take a day or two, a whole interior maybe a week or two. We will let you know this up front so you know what to expect and how long we will have your vehicle or seats.